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Could an Anti-Aging Superstar also Help Acne?

Posted Tuesday, March 08, 2011 – on Daily Beauty

Just when we thought resveratrol couldn’t have any more benefits, another study comes out to prove us wrong. Found in the skin and seeds of grapes, resveratrol has already made waves with its anti-aging effects both internally and topically.
Published in the April edition of the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, the new Italian pilot study found a 66.7 percent mean reduction in acne lesions in patients treated with a resveratrol gel. And just to be certain of their findings, the researchers took images, recorded the type and number of lesions and gave each patient a score based on the Global Acne Grading System before treatment. Plus, the patients only put the resveratrol gel on half the face. The other half was treated with a plain gel as a control. As you may have guessed, the plain gel didn’t do too much relative to the resveratrol (only a 9.7 percent reduction in acne lesions).
So while more research is needed on resveratrol’s potential acne fighting power, we’re excited about the possibility of having a beauty ingredient that basically takes care of all our facial needs single handedly