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  Our products are composed of medically proven ingredients that are only available through a Physician. These products have been developed through clinical trials and scientific research. Over-the-counter skin care products are sometimes based on clinical research as well but contain lower amounts of the active ingredient. Over-the-counter skincare products often do not provide deep penetration, sitting on the surface of the skin instead of correcting or healing a problem. Medical Grade products can reach the root of a problem as the ingredients do penetrate the top layer of skin, reaching the dermis (middle) layer of the skin, where collagen and elastin are contained, and the basal (bottom) layer of the skin, where new skin cells are produced.  *Medical grade skin care methods are broad and constantly changing. Some treatments require lasers, chemical peels or manual exfoliation. Only a certified medical physician or clinician should be applying or prescribing medical grade skin care products. 



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